Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Ode to the Old

This is an ode, to a 'mobile of old.
Old by name, old by nature.
Caddilac lines and pimped red inside,
Its the Oldsmobile, the all american ride.

Front-wheel-drive for grip in the snow,
Means the powder we'll hit when we want to go.
Whilst mechanical problems should not reach the surface,
As a full service history was produced when we purchased.

It goes pretty rad, with few limitations.
A limited edition and there's no imitations.
It freaks out the locals, as it drags down the streets,
This reliable sled, with its pumping fat beats.
So now you have met our new family member,
It drives like a gift- a ride to remember.
If you're ever in Fernie, for this whole snowboard deal,
Drop by and admire, our new Oldsmobile.

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