Saturday, December 6, 2008

Denmark, lovely little Denmark!

We were lucky enough to have some time between Ireland and Canada and get the chance for a little travel and catch up. We started at Oktoberfest (see last post!) and then made it up to Denmark on a 15 hour train trip. We stayed in Copenhagen for a few days, I wanted Jeremy to see the capital. It was cheaper to stay in a hotel than a hostel and, by Jeeves, we were glad we did when we had the best downtown location and the most amazing breakfast you have ever seen, and you all know how much we love a good breakfast (it's number 2 behind Austria at the moment).

We checked out the Little Mermaid, and she is bloody tiny, but we managed to get a good photo without any of the other 1,000 tourists in it, well we only got his arm in... We spent a lot of time wandering the streets and just enjoying the cold and beautiful city.

But the main reason we were there was to catch up with my host town of Logstor and my host families that I hadn't seen since 2000. Logstor is a beautiful little coastal town at the top of Denmark, it was a great place to spend a year. I was a little nervous about going back, I have to admit, but I was really excited about Jeremy getting the chance to meet my host families and see my town (I know, I know I have talked about it soooo much in the last 8 years!)

We were absolutely treated by my wonderful families! But especially by Herbert and Kirsten who looked after us all week, (we did get roped into doing a talk about Australia to the kiddies at the local school, but I think they totally dug it). It was so nice to see Pam and Thomas again, and to hear what Mognes, Bente, Mette and Lars were up to. Boy has everyone grown! and I can't believe that the first thing they all tell Jeremy is how I was always hungry and horrible at maths! Herbert of course cannot forget how messy Fi and I were when she stayed with us for a month, he still can't believe that we couldn't open the door to our room...

We had a lovely dinner at the Stausholm's, Lars and Gunhild put on the most amazing dinner and Katherina came all the way home from the city to be there with us.

It was a short but sweet trip and next time I wont be so nervous about going back!

Next stop... Scotland and the McDougall Clan...

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