Friday, May 30, 2008

In the Beginning...

So hello, welcome to Jess and Jezz's adventure blog. Being the first posting, and writing it from Jess' bedroom in Port Melbourne, I probably cannot tell you anything much more exciting than what you're up to right now. I guess though that I can tell you where we plan to head for the first part of our trip- hell, I've got to pad this thing out with something.

Being the stupidly controlling person that I am, we have a neat little itinerary of our first month or so, which we will be spending in Eastern Europe. I will share this with you now.

We fly out of Melbourne on the 24th June, so if you're planning to say goodbye to either one of us, get in and do it before then. If you don't like either one of us, well, I'm sure you won't last long reading this. If you don't like either one of us and you continue to read this blog, you have serious issues and should see a professional. If you do have serious iss- ok, you get the picture.

So we fly into Vienna, Austria, where we will spend a couple of days before flying to Hungary. Hungary is the homeland of Jess' Grandparents on one side, so we'll split our time between the apparently wild Budapest and the hometowns of Hodi side of Jess' family.

Then onto Exit Festival just outside of Novi Sad in Serbia. A massive music festival of 100 000 people, apparently the best in Europe. Will be good to see The Sex Pistols, MIA and The Hives with lots of European groovers and shakers- 5 days of camping, 3 days of festival, $2 a beer. Could be in a degree of pain by the end of it.

That pain will be exacerbated by a 10 hour bus ride to Dubrovnik, in southern Croatia, but apparently this city is so beautiful it'll be worth the trip. Then a bit of island hopping, a dive license on an island called Korcula (like a blood-sucking wine bottle stopper), then off to Split, where we will make like the proverbial banana for Dublin, Ireland.

That will be 1 month, then we'll be working a few months on a fodder/grain farm in Ireland. So stick with us, put this in your favorites, and we'll try to keep you up with the latest in our adventure.


Jezz and Jess