Sunday, June 29, 2008

Big News Story- Live Cross to Budapest

So, umm, bit of a bombshell I guess, but I thought that Budapest was just too good of a chance to pass up the opportunity to propose to Jess. But it wasn't without its difficulties...

You wouldn't think it that hard to convince a young lady to put on something nice and head out for a semi-expensive meal in a beautiful town like Budapest, but well, I guess this is all part of the fun of being with such an amazing, if not argumentative person. So after a discussion about going out and then a disagreement over my intolerable hayfever (intolerable for her, not me), I persevered and after dinner we headed up to Castle Mountain, which looks majestically over the Danube and Pest (eastern side of city)- quite impressive at night!

Alas, this idea was not as original as I would have hoped, with many-a-young wanna-be Romeo taking their young Juliets up to the lookout across the city. My Australian ingenuity was one step ahead however, and as Jess wandered to take some snaps and I approached the heavily armed castle security to ask if I could have a couple of minutes on the other side of the velvet rope with a private view of the city lights... looking very nervous and with my hand in my bag.

The guard seemed very friendly and responded immediately to my approach, advising me to take my hand out of the bag before approaching any closer. Quickly realising that he probably didn't realise I was nervously clutching the engagement ring in the bag, I took out my hand (slowly- I've seen the movies) and put forward my request.

Anyway, the man had no sense of romance, and so I had to settle for a balcony at the top of the stairway. We were lucky enough to have a few minutes alone without the crowds, and that was enough for my future wife to answer yes to my question (and Terry, she loves the ring!)

Tough one to top, but stay tuned for the next installment in our adventures.

Friday, June 27, 2008

First Leg

Hello all, good to have zou readin- I mean you reading the first overseas installment of Jess and Jeyya- hang on. Sorry guys, we´re in a Hungarian internet cafe and the z and the y are switched, no idea whz (i mean why) but quite annoying.

It's funny, but there are many interesting things that you notice like this. Like the selling of alcohol in supermarkets, the comfort with which pedestrians cross roads in seemingly impossible gaps of traffic and the amazing public transport system in Vienna- all a bit different to our norm, but pretty good all the same. We would have to say that Vienna was beautiful and the people very hospitable, and their breakfasts... amazing. Now the Austrians are a people who love their bread, and for Jess and I, this is heaven. Spreads like jams, cream cheese and goose liver pate on half-rolls, with OJ and tea as a matter of course- best breakfasts ever.

Another funny thing, we were looking for a ˝general history of Austria˝ museum, but could only find arts exhibits etc in the museum quarter (I know, the name should have given it away). Anyway, it took a full hour to figure out that Austria has so much history and culture (its just chokas with the stuff), that it has very specific museums (i.e. museums of: film, mod art, fine art, silver, carriages, royal jewels etc etc etc). Once we had worked this out, we had to decide on which one to go to! We ended up settling on an exhibition in the National Library called ˝Blutige Geschichten˝ or ˝Bloody Histories˝, a look into the history of violence and murder and their representation in the media (bible, books, posters, film, news etc).

Don´t worry, we´ve sampled plenty of beer, both dodgy and good schnitzel (one may have been birdseye crumbed fish), and seen lots of sites. We were lucky enough to be in Vienna during the European Soccer Semi-Finals. Lots of drinking in the streets, revelry, bright colours and singing Spanish, Russian, German and Turkish fans. A great time to be there really. We´re now in Budapest- as beautiful as Vienna, just a little less cleaned over the last 100 odd years.

We are very well, enjoying the sun, taking lots of photos with our digi and Holga cameras, and, to be honest, not missing zou at all. Only kidding. Drop us a line with a comment, enjoy the photos and stay tuned (or dialled in??) for our next installment.

Love Jezz and Jess

P.S. I hope its looking like rain there, it keeps on pouring down every evening here (a bit like byron bay), so it gets to 3รณ degrees during the day (sorry mum, my nose is burnt already), then the sky opens as Jess and I are enjoying a local beer or three. Very refreshing

Monday, June 23, 2008

Goodbye 'yall

Hey all,

Just a quick note from Jess and myself to say thanks for making it to our various send offs around the place. It was great to see everyone along the way, and to say goodbye (for a while anyway).

Keep in touch, chuck in a comment whenever you want, and we'll try to keep you all up to date with our many happenings. Stay tuned for a few photos to be added too (can't be bothered now, the cord is packed, way down deep), and if you want to get each post emailed to you rather than coming to the blog every time, just click on the subscribe link on the right.

Cheers, and we'll be seeing you all soon. Now, to Vienna (well, Tullamarine first but, you know)

Jezz and Jess

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Watch out leprechaun's here we come

My beautiful Irish Working Holiday Visa arrived in the post the other day, it has joined all the other stamps on those little pages and makes me very happy. All the pieces of the puzzle are finally together.