Sunday, September 14, 2008

Diving at Vela Luka- a few pics... and words (I can't help myself)

No, thats not the Little Mermaid and Posieden you're looking at. Yes, I know, we do cut quite the figure under the water. And yes, hahaha, we do manage to make goggles sexy.

Aside from how dorky we look (everyone looks like this diving so shut up), I must mention that this photo was taken inside a cave, which was freezing cold inside but amazing to be in, particularly where the sunlight met the darkness.

We managed to see an octopus also, but I had been warned by the instructors not to "go fishing" whilst down there, so there was no calimari that night.

The pic on the left is one where Jess is actually moving around a bit. I think I annoyed her the whole time, as I was always darting all over the place whilst she had to constantly crane her neck trying to keep an eye on me. What are you supposed to do when you're diving, sit still??

All good though, we made it out alive, and it was great fun (yes, I'm a big dork, I was caught up in the moment)

The Next Country, an Old Town and Island Birthday

The next stop on our world tour was Dubrovnik, a historic seaside town in Southern Croatia, which much like Venice was a city-state based on maritime trading for 1000 or more years before the 19th century. This made for a beautiful old town down by the sea, enclosed by a wall a couple of kilometers in length. From the wall you can look down upon the patchwork the terracotta roofs inside the city below. This is the view Jess and I had from the tallest bastian.After a couple of nice relaxing days in Dubrovnik, with lots of sleep in our perfect guest house, we continued onto Vela Luka, a small town on Korcula Island, just off the Croatian Coast. We arrived on our birthday (thanks for all of the emails and messages), and asked our dive host Bobby, where the best place would be to have a nice birthday seafood dinner. He mentioned that his mate Borris runs a great char-grill place up the road, so we took his word and went along.

The seafood was amazing, and after spending a small fortune we had well and truly had our fill.
Bobby had also let Borris know of our celebrations, and had one of his waitresses bring out a massive cake after the meal. Needless to say we couldn't finsish it (if everyone wasn't looking I would have had a crack...), so we shared it with all of the patrons after they had all sang us 'Happy Birthday'- a really fun night.
Jess had also bought a new pair of bathers whilst in Croatia, and gave them a bit of a test run in the crystal-clear waters of the Adriatic. We had been for a swim at Dubrovnik, but the water was FREEZING there. At Vela Luka however, the water was awsome, and as I said, so clear.
Here is a view of the bay which runs up into the quiet little town of Vela Luka. There were many international and local yachts running in and out, making for a beautiful setting to a few days of rest and relaxation.

We will add another post next with the pics from our dives- it was fantastic!

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Summer in Ireland isn't that hot!

I thought I would show you some more photos from the farm we are working at, Marburn Farm in Castledermot, County Kildare. It has been unseasonally wet this summer, the crops and yards have been covered in water and there has been an astonishing amount of rainbows!

More photo's to come, this internet is horribly and painfully slow and annoying!